Considering Botox? Here’s How (And When) To Start Doing It

Aging is a normal part of life and unless you avoid sunlight and never smile or frown it’s inevitable that you will get some wrinkles and lines. Botox has become increasingly popular over the years and despite negative press is actually very safe if administered properly.

The drug contains a poison known as botulinum. It works by temporarily paralysing the muscles being treated. It’s very safe as only very small amounts are used. On average top up treatments will be needed every 6 months or so.

When Is The Best Time To Start Treatment?

Everyone’s skin ages at a different rate and lifestyle play a major factor. If you smoke or drink a lot you will start seeing noticeable lines at an earlier age. On the other hand if your parents have good skin and you lead a healthy lifestyle you may not see any lines until you’re well into your 30s.

Just like everything else in life prevention is better than cure, so the best time to start using botox is when you begin to notice very fine expression lines. When you smile or frown and notice lines that don’t disappear when your face is relaxed this is the time to start treatment.

Eliminating Frown Lines

One of the most popular reasons people consider botox is to eliminate frown lines. It’s an excellent solution for getting rid of aging wrinkles giving a fresh rejuvenated look.

Years of worry or stress will show in the face forming deep lines between the eyebrows. Often these can be vertical and quite noticeable. Depending on the severity fillers may be used as well.

With the right treatment there won’t be any drastic change in appearance or frozen foreheads! Results should be subtle giving a rested look as if you’ve been on holiday. A good practitioner will only use the amount required so you won’t end up with a frozen brow.

Crow’s Feet

Using botox is to eliminate frown lines around the eyes can markedly improve facial appearance giving a fresh youthful look. It can boost confidence and end the need to hide behind sunglasses.

Lines Around The Mouth

Smokers are especially prone to lines around the mouth. This simple cosmetic treatment works by relaxing the muscles that form the lines. Deep smile lines are more effectively treated with fillers though. You may find the injections slightly painful but most people tolerate it ok.

Is It Completely Safe?

All cosmetic treatments carry risk so it’s vital to do plenty of research first. Look for doctors or dentists who are fully qualified with plenty of genuine testimonials.

Cosmetic treatments carried out by a qualified practitioner can greatly improve not only your appearance but confidence as well. Side effects are rare but if you notice any adverse reactions seek urgent medical help.