Hitting the Open Road

Two of my biggest passions in life are travelling and driving and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to combine the two this summer after booking up for a holiday to the United States where I plan to take in as much of this wonderful country as possible.

I have always had a passion for travelling ever since I was small and my parents would take me abroad. Everything from the different sights and smells, food, language and culture intrigued me which is why I have dedicated a lot of my spare time to travelling.

It is not only foreign travel that I love and I always enjoy travelling up and down the UK, it gives me a chance to see everything that people travel all across the world to see and also to jump in the Capri.


As I mentioned, I have a passion for cars and my current car is one of my all-time favourites, the Ford Capri. Everything about it makes me happy so any opportunity to get out and about in it is something I will jump at, it is just lucky that my two passions go hand in hand.

When I get to the good old US of A I will be able to pick up my hire car which I have already sorted out. I thought it would have been a lot more hassle but I think I have got myself a cracking deal from Logan Car Hire. These Car Hire comparison sites are great for looking at all your options and when I found out how much more hassle it would have been dealing with my car hire in America I got it all sorted out here. Have a look at their site if you are going anywhere soon, it makes things a lot easier you can find them here http://www.logancarhire.com.

I have found a couple of great sites that I have been able to plan my journey with. I am hoping to hit the famous Route 66 and make the most of the Pacific Coast too but we will see what happens when I get there.


I am hoping to see a lot of stuff and I can only imagine that I won’t be able to cram all of it in but I have already been advised that the thing that makes these trips are the unplanned things you and do.


Who knows what is in store on this trip but I will take loads of pictures and will get a post up as soon as I am back so you can see what I get up to on my travels.