How to Deal With Back Pain

Back pain isn’t something to be laugh at (especially when it causes a muscle to twitch). If you’re like me and have had a nagging little problem in your back and don’t know what to do, don’t worry! In this post I’m going to give you some information on what to do when you have a sore back.

Identify exactly where it’s sore

So this first tip might sound very silly and slightly stupid, but knowing exactly where your pain emanates from is important. In my case, I kept saying I had a sore upper back and only after going to a specialist did I find out it wasn’t my back at all but my Scapula (thats the big muscle on your shoulder) where the problem was coming from.

Learn About Your Back

There’s more to your back than a spine and a few muscles. Every action you carry out in your body will someway involve your back and getting to learn how it works can help you suss out problems much more quickly. My problem was on my right side and I found out one of the reasons why I was putting it under stress was because (and this isn’t a joke) I was holding my mouse too far away while I was on my computer in work and inadvertently stretching my arm mroe than I should have.

Your job or an activity you commonly do might be one of the reasons for chronic back problem, so getting to know the difference between your teres major and erector spinae goes a long way.

Get Local Help

Finding a chiropractor near me was easy enough. A quick Google search returned a number of clinics I didn’t know where close to work. A really good tip is to look for deals online from places nearby as they will usually offer reduced or free consultations for new patients.

Most clinics won’t just tell you to lie on a table let someone get to cracking. You should have to get a scan or x-ray done first to help a specialist figure out what’s going on in there and not risk doing more damage when they start working on your back.

Buy Some Balls

This is now a very big thing online, but I can vouch that buying a lacrosse ball does so much to alleviate back pain. A good quality ball only costs about £5 and are practically unbreakable, which is a good thing is considering how much work you’ll be putting it under.

It’s important to know that your muscles are wrapped in fascia. This is the connective tissue holding everything together. When we try to massage somewhere, it’s usually not the muscle we’re loosening up but the fascia on top.

Using a lacrosse ball on a sore join can help get that fascia to break up and provide you with a great feeling massage. The most common way to use one is to lean on it standing against a wall with the ball directly on your sore parts. You can even lie on the floor and stretch your leg muscles with it too. If you find it quite sore to begin with, you’re best starting with something a bit more forgiving like a tennis ball.