Keeping fit in Kenilworth

More famous, perhaps, for the Walter Scott’s 1821 novel than for its own merits, the town of Kenilworth’s greatest claim to real-life fame might be the magnificent ruins of Warwickshire’s old Kenilworth Castle. It is a picturesque little town, about a committed jog from Coventry and a couple of hours’ drive from London. With a population of slightly over 22,000 people, it is the definition of a tight-knit community, where most of the residents are commuters – in that although they live in Kenilworth, they tend to work in nearby Birmingham, Coventry, Leamington Spa and London.

Things to do in Kenilworth

Just because Kenilworth is a civil parish, doesn’t mean there aren’t lots to do here. For sightseeing endeavors, you can take the family – or just yourself – to check out the quaint cottages of Little Virginia, which are hundreds of years old, or the sprawling Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Gardens. Take a walk down High Street and take in the pristine vistas of Abbey Fields, or go for a morning jog at any of the four nature reserves managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Outdoor Sightseeing and Exercise in Kenilworth

Unlike the extremely busy streets and highways of a major city, Kenilworth respects cyclists enough to implement a traffic-free zone that spans several miles – all the way from Berkswell to Abbey Fields. The extensive path of the Kenilworth Greenway used to be a railway track for old supply trains, but it has been decommissioned for the benefit of pedestrians and bike-riders – without a car in sight. It is an excellent place to keep fit and have fun.

Once you’re finished bicycling or taking that healthy stroll, you can check out Meadows Community Sports Centre for heart-thumping sports such as badminton, basketball, football, hockey and more. It’s open at night, in anticipation of people seeking to unwind after a long workday, and from morning to early evenings on the weekends.

One of the best overall ways to keep fit is to go swimming. Because of the resistance of the water, it is a truly exceptional aerobic activity that also takes it very easy on the joints – unlike running and jogging. If you have knee issues or need a medium for recovery, then Kenilworth has the Abbey Fields swimming pool. There’s actually both an indoor and an outdoor pool, as well as sauna classes and a so-called Aquafit class. Sometimes, they even hold pool parties for children; making sure that the entire family has a chance to stay fit while having fun.

For a little less activity but still enough to qualify as exercise, take a tour of Millennium Walks and old stomping grounds of mid-century soldiers, where they practiced for real battles. Breathe in the sense of history as you walk around the battlements and gaze down on the car-park that dominates the scene today.

Maintaining Your Health in Kenilworth

Given the multitude of places to keep fit in Kenilworth, it only makes sense to consider a whole-health outlook by taking care of your body and seeing the doctor and dentist for regularly scheduled checkups. Dentist Kenilworth serves many thousands of local residents – and plenty of out-of-towners, too. Whether you’re commuting from Coventry or the general Warwickshire area, drop to make sure there aren’t any burgeoning cavities that will cause you great discomfort if left unchecked.

Kenilworth dentists are expertly-trained in the full range of dental techniques that you’d find in any large metropolitan area, from restorative to cosmetic dentistry. If you have periodontal disease; never fear – dentists Kenilworth can help you. Dental implants and crowns are no problem, either; nor are smile-friendly veneers (porcelain or composite; whichever fits your unique situation better). Lastly – and best of all, the facilities are robust enough to see patients with emergency dental issues the very same day.