Side Effects Of Using Birth Control Pills To Delay Your Period

Use of birth control pills to delay your period (also known as menstrual suppression) is a way of using some hormonal birth control so that you can avoid experiencing monthly bleeding. With the many birth control pills available in the market today, many women have got the chance to use them unlike in the previous years.

Women take a dose of three weeks containing active hormones, which stop ovulation hence deterring pregnancy and keep the uterine lining thin. On the fourth week, the women take pills that do not have active hormones leading them to experience bleeding, also known as withdrawal bleeding, because it was delayed.

Though the use of birth control pills to delay your period could have some significance to you; the pills also have some adverse effects on your body. Therefore, this write-up is intended to give you the side effects of using birth control pills to delay your period.

High Blood Pressure

Most birth control pills have hormones that are bound to increase your body blood pressure by narrowing your blood vessels. In most cases, you would find birth control pills coming with cautions and warnings that it causes high blood pressure especially in women older than age 35. Furthermore, if you are a smoker or an overweight woman there are additional risks with the use of birth control pills to delay your periods.

Blood Clotting Disorders

This is one of the side effects of the use of birth control pills. Women who have V Leiden factor are always at an increased risk of developing blood clots and many other complications that are associated with birth control pills. The risk of developing blood clotting disorders are often more pronounced in women who use estrogen-based birth control bills as compared to those using progestin-only pills. Therefore, though these birth control pills may prove an effective in the short run, they are unreliable in the long term.


Obesity has become a major health concern which adverse effects on many reproductive-aged women in the society today. Use of birth control pills to delay your period has proven to increase the risk of obesity among many women. Obesity affects the efficacy of hormonal birth control bills by altering how the pills are absorbed and metabolized in your body. Therefore, the use of birth control pills by obese women increases the risks.


Birth control pills are known to cause a dramatic effect on your blood sugar levels, which could lead to diabetes. Therefore, it is not advisable for any woman with diabetes to use birth control pills to delay their periods because of the many hormonal changes that the medication can cause in the long run.

Rather than using traditional birth control to delay their period, many women opt for pills specifically designed to delay their period for a few days. They are available from online pharmacists after a brief consultation, and can even be sent to your home. Dr Felix involves a simple Q&A form which is reviewed by a doctor, after which your order is processed and sent to you.