What Dental Treatments Are Available From The NHS?

NHS dental treatment is based upon clinical need, rather than cosmetic appearance. The NHS dentist will make the assessment based upon need and will use their clinical judgement to help keep the teeth, gums and mouth healthy. Below we explore the various treatments that are available from your NHS dentist.

Crowns And Bridges

If you require restorative treatment for damaged teeth or missing teeth, then you can have a crown or bridge on the NHS at a cost of £233.70. (Band 3 treatment). If a crown on a back tooth is required, then you may be offered a metal tooth, as opposed to a white one.

Dental Abscesses

A dental abscess is an infection of the tooth or gum and can be incredibly painful. Treatment of this infection is carried out on the NHS, and you may be referred to a specialist NHS clinic or emergency clinic to treat the abscess. Antibiotics are also usually prescribed.


Dentures can be made on the NHS and will cost £233.70, Band 3 costing. Dentures will be made from acrylic or metal depending upon need.


Orthodontics can be carried out by an NHS dentist in order to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. This is especially so when teeth are crooked. This treatment is only carried out when there is a clinical need.

Root Canal Treatment

When the root of a tooth becomes infected, then root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth. This is available on the NHS. The cost is that of Band 2, £53.90. Sometimes patients are referred to a specialist dentist for this procedure.

Scale And Polish

A scale and polish can be carried out by your dental practitioner or a dental hygienist. There are two levels of scale and polish, depending upon the severity of plaque build up, but both treatments are available on the NHS.

Wisdom Teeth

If you need to have a wisdom tooth removed because of decay or because there is not enough room in the mouth for it to erupt properly, then this can be performed on the NHS. You may be referred to a specialist clinic for the procedure. Treatment is on Band 2, costing £53.90.

White Fillings

White filings are available on the NHS at Band 2 pricing, when there is a clinical need. This treatment is usually performed on front teeth such as incisors and canines, where the tooth is clearly visible.